A pixel. A thought. A painting. A concept. A life experience. A view of the world.

Most of us spend at least a part of each day staring at a computer screen trying to absorb information; information that is made up of millions of pixels. Viewed up close, each pixel has no meaning. It's only when we pull back and look at the screen as a whole that the pixels turn into recognizable images and absorbable information.

As a million pixels make up a viewable screen, a million thoughts about the world run through my head each day and are interpreted in my paintings. Unlike individual pixels, each of my paintings can stand alone. Like individual pixels, each of my paintings is part of a much bigger concept.





Death/Martyrdom, Culture/Africa and Asia, Race/Color, Beauty/Icons, Religion/In the Name Of, Hip Hop/Image. Each the subject of a painting, each an experience in my life. Just as pixels make up your view of the computer screen, these life experiences make up my view of the world.